A korean representative for entertainment promoting in in Aus for tomorrow and he was on the radio today and he spoke about the Kris ordeal and 3 SNSD members contracts have ended and they refuse to resign until everything with Kris is dealt with and YG is willing to take them on as well as Siwon has payed out 2 actors contracts under sm Krystal and Jessica’s uncle is willing to pay out there contracts Jackie Chan is willing to hire and legal action for any SM artist that wants to look over there contracts and is willing to pay the amount to end them Jackie chan also wants to take on TVXQ. over the past year there as been 120 death in sm artists families that they have not been allowed to attend the funerals Onew and Taemins contracts have ended (they rant resigning until the kris thing is over) and if the Kris ordeal keeps up for about 2 more weeks Minho, Key and jjong’s contracts will end and they can leave and Jyp wants F(x) and the representative said he didn’t care if all of that gets back to SM and he gets into shit for it for giving out information thats meant to be private. My friend got this from @exoaffection

Cr : bigbangporn (Instagram)

Ga tahu harus ngomong apa *Speechless* tapi seneng juga kalo YG mau ngambil Kris dan JYP mau ngambil F(x)

ahh pokoknya semoga segala kasus di SM bisa cepet selesai, No matter is.. capek denger berita tentang kris




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